New article on CurioCity: Where Science Matters

CurioCity: Where Science Matters

CurioCity: Where Science Matters

Keeping older kids engaged in science isn’t easy. Even though science is all about the world around us, many teens (and adults alike) often don’t see the relevance of scientific discoveries to our lives. Unless we can communicate the excitement and impact of research and discovery, attention spans for chemistry, biology, physics, and other fields risk falling to zero.
Enter CurioCity, a terrific tool in the scientific communications arsenal: CurioCity is a fantastic online forum that engages teens in discovering hot topics in science. An initiative of the award-winning educational outreach organization Let’s Talk Science, CurioCity offers articles, videos, and discussion groups as a way for young adults to learn about the science, engineering, and technology behind everyday life.
If you haven’t heard of CurioCity or Let’s Talk Science, have a tour by clicking here and here. While you’re there, check out my recent article for CurioCity – a short piece on the mind-boggling world of behavioural epigenetics.


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