oMg – Le Corrid’Art/The Long Haul Montreal hosts the ‘M’ show

Oct 2, 2015, starting 6pm, your place to be is Parc Ex, people. The good folks at Le Corrid’Art / The Long Haul kick off the M show in their hallowed hall of creativity, and it’s not to be missed. If you haven’t visited Le Corrid’Art in Montreal, it’s time to go: it’s tough to find another site in the city that packs as much creative talent per square inch.

Le Corrid’Art/The Long Haul has tied their an annual fun-a-thon fundraiser for the past several years to the alphabet, and this year we arrive at the auspicious letter M: what other letter calls to mind so many profound associations? Majesty, marvel, might, munificence…macaque…I could go on. Instead, I’ll direct you to their press release for the upcoming show. So many reasons to go see this show, including the awesome Batman painting by Mary Hayes (the image of which I have shamelessly pilfered to include with this post). See below for the coordinates, and how you can help support Le Corrid’Art/The Long Haul:

IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL – The “M” Show: Parc Ex’s artist collective celebrates 14 years of creativity with an art auction and fundraising event.THE M SHOW – Silent art action / fund raising event

Vernissage: Friday, OCTOBER 2rd, 2015, 6 PM – LATE. 450 Beaumont ave, 2nd floor, MTL

Auction begins at 6 pm and closes at 8 pm sharp. Party will go on til late with good tunes and booze.

Musical guest: MAERIN

Raffle tickets for sale, and prizes from local businesses to be won! (ALDO shoes , Omer DeSerres, Resto’s Bazalli, Santa Barbara, Laika, Magpie Pizza, Monastiraki and many more)

The Long Haul – Le Corrid’art artist collective is kicking off the season with its annual art auction and fundraising party. 30 artists showcasing an eclectic array affordable art plus special musical guest Maerin, and 1000$ worth of raffle prizes. All taking place in a unique, welcoming and kid friendly venue. Celebrate 14 years of keeping studio spaces affordable for emerging and established visual artists!

"Batman", Painting by Mary Hayes

“Batman”, Painting by Mary Hayes


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