Welcome to my blog. As my title suggests, I’m a big fan of drawing, painting, and the visual arts in general. I created this blog as a way of self-publishing my artwork and reviews on art. Take a look around and let me know what you think — I’d love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Marie-Aude Samson

    Congrats Suzanne, looking forward to seeing more of your work. I love the mixed impressions of softness and cerebral, scientific visuals.

  2. Mary Hayes

    Hello Suzanne,

    I am sending you an announcement for an event that I feel your readers will be excited to know about. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like any more images or any other information.

    Thanks for taking a look!


    Mary Hayes



    IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL – The “M” Show: Parc Ex’s artist collective celebrates 14 years of creativity with an art auction and fundraising event.

    THE M SHOW – Silent art action / fund raising event

    Vernissage: Friday, OCTOBER 2rd, 2015, 6 PM – LATE. 450 Beaumont ave, 2nd floor, MTL

    Auction begins at 6 pm and closes at 8 pm sharp. Party will go on til late with good tunes and booze.

    Musical guest: MAERIN

    Raffle tickets for sale, and prizes from local businesses to be won! (ALDO shoes , Omer DeSerres, Resto’s Bazalli, Santa Barbara, Laika, Magpie Pizza, Monastiraki and many more)

    The Long Haul – Le Corrid’art artist collective is kicking off the season with its annual art auction and fundraising party. 30 artists showcasing an eclectic array affordable art plus special musical guest Maerin, and 1000$ worth of raffle prizes. All taking place in a unique, welcoming and kid friendly venue. Celebrate 14 years of keeping studio spaces affordable for emerging and established visual artists!

    The Long Haul is making its way through time…and the Alphabet! They have arrived at the letter M – m words have turned into m art thus uniting an unforgettable eclectic range of styles and mediums for one night only. 30 12”x12” artworks will circumnavigate their gallery walls, enticing bidders to be taken home – an easy feat since bidding opens at an incredibly affordable $100!? Prepare for a bidding war over Judith Berry “Miel”, Imagine a new meditation nook in your home inspired by Stephen Kawai’s hanging sculpture “Mortality” and try taking that smirk off your face after viewing Mel McSpurren ironic portrait “Matriarch”… Indy pop duo Maerin will provide a sweet tunes after the bidding frenzy.

    Occupying an 8000 square feet of an industrial building in Parc Extension, The Long Haul hosts exhibitions, open studio events, and other cultural activities by its members as well as other artists and cultural organizations. “By providing affordable spaces for artists to make and exhibit their art, we create a stimulating community of artists, which in turn invigorates the community at large”, says Long Haul co-founder and coordinator, Vanessa Yanow.

    Long Haulers plans to be around to celebrate with ‘The Z show’ and beyond. Fourteen more years of artistic creation, community building and contributions to a growing artistic neighborhood is something to look forward to. They’re hoping that by collecting art, more Montrealers will be a part of their success.

    Sneak peeks of artworks will be posted on tumblr: http://thelonghaul-lecorridart.tumblr.com/

    The Long Haul accepts donation through it’s blog http://thelonghaulmontreal.blogspot.ca/

    For information, contact: Vanessa Yanow – coordinator (514) 948-0227 longhaulmontreal@gmail.com

    Facebook: The Long Haul Art Studios
    The Long Haul/ Le Corrid’art, 450 BEAUMONT AVE. 2nd floor, Parc Ex, Montreal

    Inline image 1

    Inline image 4


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